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70 ton Ladle Transfer Car
with Slag Pot Trolley
ABP Nalwa
70 Ton Laddle Transfer Car with Hydraulic Tilting Arrangements

Ladle Stand,Lance Socket,Transfer Car with Tilting Arrangement,Lifting Bail,Teeming Ladle,Fume Extraction Cone

Alloy Steel Plant, Durgapur (SAIL UNIT)
  Seal Cylinders, W.C. Roof, W.C. Panels, Smoke Elbow, Steel Recuperator
Aarti Steels Ltd.
  Ladles, Lifting Bails
Adhunik Alloys & Power Ltd.
  Ladle Transfer Car with Tilting Arrangement.
Agni Steels Ltd.
  Ladle Transfer Car, Ladles, lifting Bail.
Bhilai Steel Plant (SAIL UNIT)
  Self discharge Bunker for Fettling machine, W.C.Roof for 140T LRF
Bhushan Steel & Power Ltd.
  W.C. Roof Segment & Delta for EAF
Bhushan Steel Ltd.
  Ladles, Lifting Beam, Ladle Stands, LRF Roof.
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
  Plug Door Assembly & Sleeves for RMD
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Ranipet, (Govt. of India)
  W.C. Ducts for 30T & 70T EAF
Danieli India Ltd.
  W.C. Duct & Elbow for Myanmar Project, LRF Roof & Combustion Chamber for M/s. Bhushan Steel Ltd., W.C. Roof & Top Shell with Slag Door for EAF for M/s. ASP, W.C. Roof for 140T LRF for M/s. Bhilai Steel Plant, W.C. Roof, Ducting & Combustion Chamber for M/s. Salem Steel.
Ducon Pollution Control Pvt. Ltd.
  Decompression Box, Distribution Box, Extraction Cone.
Eastern Metec Pvt. Ltd.
  EAF Roof, Top Shell for M/s. Sumangala, EAF Roof, Top Shell, Bottom Shell, Ducting for M/s. SBQ Steel, EAF Roof, Top Shell, Ducting for M/s. RWF, Chappra.
Emirates Steels LLc.,
  Ladles, EAF & Top Shell Panels
Essar Steel Ltd.
  Combustion Chamber and Trolley, Elbows, Ducts, W.C. Hood for LRF, W.C. Panels, Stopper Rod, Scrap Buckets, Trough for HFR Screen, Bucket for Mod-III, Repair of Copper Bus Tube, Copper Panels.
Facor Steel Ltd.
  W.C. LRF Roof, Ladles, VD Cover, W.C. EAF Roof, Ladle Transfer Car with Turn table.
Godrej And Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Mumbai
  Transfer Cars, Skirt, Door Wheel Assembly, Top Cover for Pit Room.
Hindustan Aluminium Company Ltd. (Hindalco)
  Lance Manipulator, Various fabricated items
Indian Seamless Steels & Alloys Ltd.
  Combustion Chamber Lid, W.C. Panels, Ejectors, Ladle, EAF Bottom Shell, Transfer Car.
Ispat Industries Ltd.
  W.C. EAF Roof, Top Shell with Panels, W.C. Damper, W.C. Elbow, Stopper Rod, Delta, Bottom Ring, Pressure Filters, Ladle Stand, Launder, W.C. Roof for LRF, Ladle Stand, Backing Ring, Hood for ladle pre heater
Jayaswal Neco Ltd.
  Ladles, ladle Transfer Car, Ladle Stand, Combustion Chamber, Speader Beam, VD/VOD Tank & Cover.
Jindal Steels Ltd., Hisar
  W.C. Ducts, Spoke Frame, Dish for Converter, Lower Hood & Roof Panels.
Jindal SAW Ltd. Mundra
  D.G operated Ladle Transfer Car
JSPL, Raigrah
  Ladle Transfer Car, Scrap Transfer Car, Slag Pot Car. W. C. Panels, W.C. Roof Elbow.
JSW Steel Ltd., Vijaynagar
  Self Discharge Container, Stopper Rod Assembly, W.C. Roof for LRF, Silo, W.C. Stack, Hood & Skirt.
JSW Steel Ltd., Salem
  W.C. Panels for EOF, W.C. Upper Piece, Sliding Skirt & Lower Piece, Base Frames for Blooming Mill, laminated Hooks, W.C. Delta for LRF, Roll Transfer Car.
Kamachi Sponge & Power Ltd.,
  Ladles, Lifting Bail, Ladle Transfer Car, Slag pot Cat, Scrap Buckets
Kalyani Carpenter Special Steel Ltd.
  Ladles, VD Cover, VD Vessel.
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
  Unitization of Pump
Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd.
  W.C. Panels, Ladles, Ejectors, Pressure Filters, VD Vessel, Cover & Car, Slag Pot Car with winch, W.C. Duct & Combustion Chamber, Pinch Roll, Dust Separator, EAF Roof with Elbow, Apron Plate.
Madras Aluminium Company Ltd. (Malco)
Modern Steel LLc., Oman
  Tundish, Ladle with Lifting Bail, EAF Roof with Elbow.
Maithan Steel Ltd.
  Ladles, Lifting Bail, Ladle Transfer Car, Roll & Guide Transfer Car.
Marmagoa Steel Ltd.
  W.C. Panels, Air Filters, Elbow
Metal & Steel Factory. (Defence Unit)
  Lifting BAem
Mukand Ltd. Hospet
  Roof upper Piece, Damper, Moving Sleeve
Rourkela Steel Plant (SAIL UNIT)
Raymond Steels Ltd.
  Various Transfer Car
SBQ Steel Ltd.,
  Ladles, Scrap Buckets, Ladle Transfer Car with Turntable, Scrap Transfer Car, EAF Roof Top Shell & Bottom Shell with Elbow.
Stainless India Ltd.
  Ladles, Stopper Rod, Conical portion of chimney
  W.C. Ducts, Heat Exchanger, Elbow, W.C. Roof for 300 T LRF.
Tata Steel Ltd.
  W.C. Roof for LRF, Lance Socket, Quadrant Gate Assembly, W.C. Skirt, Dish for Teeming Ladle, Plate Type Duct, Radiation Flap, Fume Hood, EOT Crane
Tube Products of India Ltd.
  Transfer Car
Usha Martin Industries Ltd.
  EAF Bottom Shell with Craddle Beam, W.C. Combustion Chamber, W.C. Roof for LRF, Elbow, Ladles, Steel & Hot Metal Ladle Transfer Car, Slag Transfer Car.
Viraj Steel Ltd.
  Fume Hood for Converter, W.C. Duct, Elbow.
Visa Steel Ltd.
Visakhapatnam Steel plant Ltd.
  W.C. Roof for 140T LRF, W.C. Skirt, W.C. Fume Hood, W.C. Stack
Wheel & Axle Plant
  Ladles, W.C. Panels
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